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Who we are

Founded in 1996, Redmond Design Service (REDMOND) is a privately held company that focuses exclusively on design collateral with return on investment in mind. The company’s business mission is to provide non-profit agencies, faith-based organizations, and educational institutions with a higher level of collateral and strategic planning for a greater return on their investment.

Redmond is a full service design, marketing, and interactive agency for a heart for non-profits, educational institutions and start-up businesses. Redmond uses its industry expertise to collaborate with customers to plan and implement marketing strategies that respond to companies’ demand for innovation, revenue, value, and quality. These guiding principles drive our products and services and differentiate Redmond from other marketing and design companies. While many companies provide design solutions, Redmond is focused on delivering value through our diverse service portfolio.  To support and accelerate its development in each division, Redmond Design has invested in its two major resources: its clients and its employees.

Our experience

Creative Services - 24 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Media Research - 8 years
Marketing Data - 7 years

Agency founders

Jerry D. Redmond, Jr.